HP Server Hard Disk

HP Server Hard Disk
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  • US $75-90/piece
  • Model
  • Server Hard Disk
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    1 - 10US $90 /piece3 day
    11 - 20US $75 /piece3 day
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The following accessories spot sales, due to a wide range of products, the model is not listed please contact us.

Sales Email:sales@printerparts-hp.com                   Engineer Email:Jacky@printerparts-hp.com

       HP 286713-B22  36GB    10K  SCSI  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 286776-B22  36GB    15K  SCSI  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 286714-B22  72.8GB  10K  SCSI  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 286778-B22  72.8GB  15K  SCSI  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 286716-B22  146.8GB 10K  SCSI  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 347708-B22  146.8GB 15K  SCSI  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 350964-B22  300GB   10K  SCSI  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 411089-B22  300GB   15K  SCSI  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 375861-B21  72.8GB  10K  SAS   2.5"  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 431958-B21  146.8GB 10K  SAS   2.5"  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 375870-B21  72GB    15K  SAS   3.5"  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 375872-B21  146.8GB 15K  SAS   3.5"  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP 431944-B22  300GB   15K  SAS   3.5"  U320  HDD  Disk
  HP D9419A    36.4GB  U3   10K  SCSI  HDD   Disk
  HP P3577A    73.4GB  U3   10K  SCSI  HDD   Disk

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