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hp server accessories list

Issue Time:2011-08-12

The following accessories spot sales, due to a wide range of products, the model is not listed please contact us.

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hp server accessories
399771-B21 HP RPS 350/370/380 G5 1685
399546-B21 HP DL36X INT. MINI-SAS 13 3 / 8 "CABLE 750
411064-B21 HP SMART ARRAY P400/512 CONTROLLER 2000
351580-B21 128MB BBWC for SA641/642/E200 ALL 650
252663-B21 Mod PDU, 40A, HV ALL 2205
252663-B24 Mod PDU 16A HV WW ALL 1260
252663-B31 HP Mod PDU, 32A, HV NA / JPN 1523
253449-B21 Mon / Utl Shelf Graph ALL 850
257414-B21 Fan 220V (10000 SER) ALL 2100
262588-B21 HP KVM PS / 2 Cnsl Itfc Adptr-1 ALL 400
263474-B23 HP KVM UTP CAT5e Cable 12FT 8PK ALL 280
376440-B21 HP Front Door 5642 Rack ALL 1869
AF054A HP 10642 G2 Sidepanel Kit 1550
374654-B21 1-ch U320 SCSI HBA ALL 800
AF074A HP Rack Grounding Kit 550
120672-B21 HP 9000 Series Ballast Option Kit 3140
AF056A HP 10636 G2 Sidepanel Kit 2450
336047-B21 KVM USB Cnsl Itfc Adptr 1PK ALL 650
142257-006 CBL1xIECC13-C14 1.4mW US 150
347786-B21 HP 8 INT Port 64/133 PCI-X SAS HBA ALL 1250
264007-B21 DVDROM DRV SLIM 8/24X ALL 730
383975-B21 HP DVD + RW 8X SLIM CBT DRV ALL 700
374493-B21 Stabilizer Kit 5642 Rack 900
372538-B21 HP 512MB DDR BBWC UPGRADE 1155
234672-B21 100kg Sliding Shelf ALL 1922
AF002A HP Universal Rack 10642 G2 Shock Rack 11050
AF011A HP Universal Rack 10636 G2 Shock Rack 9800
417836-B21 HP SA P400 24In Battery Cable Kit 200
262587-B21 KVM PS / 2 Cnsl Itfc Adptr-8 ALL 2625
373035-B21 HP KVM CAT5 Serial Intf Adptr 1pk ALL 970
401222-B21 HP Par. / Ser. Port ML370/350 G5 Kit 280
AF509A HP PWR Monitor PDU Dual 1PH 32A INTL 5900
168233-B21 Cable Mgt D Rings ALL 280
332558-B21 Depth Adjust Rails ALL 4450
AF076A HP 10K G2 Rack Tie Down 600W 1200
AF062A HP 10K G2 Stabilizer 600W ALL 1200
379820-B21 HP Rack Cable Mgmt Velcro Clips 750
383982-B21 HP Rack Top Cbl Mgmt 8ea/600mm Tray 12579
361589-B21 Light Kit 10K Series Rack ALL 1575
248929-B21 Baying Kt (10000 SER) ALL 600
248931-B21 Offset Bay 9K/10K 42U ALL 1618
AF603A HP KVM USB2 1PK Interface Adapter 750
AF101A HP 16 Port Serial Console 9600
AF102A HP 48 Port Serial Console 20300
263474-B24 KVM UTP CAT5e Cable 20FT 4PK ALL 350
263474-B25 KVM UTP CAT5e Cable 40FT 1PK ALL 150
AF557A HP PWR CRD 1.83m 10A C13-CHINA 150
AF510A HP PWR Monitor PDU SNGL 1PH 32A INTL 3675
AF915A HP PWR Monitoring PDU 1ph 32A INTL 3175
252663-B33 HP 32A HV Core Only Corded PDU 1344
252663-B34 HP 40A HV Core Only Corded PDU 2258
AF400A HP PDU Management Module 1200
408854-B21 HP 8GB REG PC2-5300 2X4GB 2RANK KIT 2800
AF021A HP 10622 G2 Pallet Rack 9500
452151-B21 HP RDP No Media 1-SVR Lic - 1Y 24 X 7 SUPP 650
AF500A HP 2, 7X C-13 Stk Intl Modular PDU 500
452561-B21 RHEL 5 CD-ROM media (only CD media, free service License) 700
461826-B21 HP 2GB FBD PC2-5300 2x1GB LP Kit 1050
461828-B21 HP 4GB FBD PC2-5300 2x2GB LP Kit 1523
AF065A HP 10K G2 Stabilizer 600W Hvy Dty V2 1550
445217-B21 RHEL 4.0 ES media (only CD media, non-service license) 550
445528-B21 HP 1U Intrconn Node / Switch Cbl Mgt Kit 850
458924-B21 HP 120GB 5.4k SATA 2.5 ETY 1y Wty HDD 1200
447326-B21 HP HH SATA DVD ROM Kit 350
412140-b21 HP BLc Encl Single Fan Option 980
450343-B21 HP DL320G5p iLO PORT OPT Kit 200
406771-B21 HP BLc NC326m NIC Adapter Opt Kit 1230
AF584A HP 2.5m 16A C19 CN PWR CORD 260
142257-003 CBL1xIECC13-C14 3mWW US 120
AF584A HP 2.5m 16A C19 CN PWR CORD 260
406740-B21 HP BLc 1Gb Enet Pass Thru Mod Opt Kit 5150
464830-B21 Internal SAS / SATA Cable 200
458945-B21 HP 160GB 7.2k HP SATA ETY 1y Wty HDD 600
448192-B21 HP DL585 G5 O8354 2P 95W Kit 17325
448194-B21 HP O8358SE DL585G5 KIT 28140
448195-B21 HP O8360SE DL585G5 KIT 32025
452698-B21 HP PCI-X Riser DL16XG5 Kit 300
452181-B21 HP DL580G5 PCI-E IO Option Kit 1000
AF418A HP R1.5 VA 1U UPS 3900
AF416A HP R5500 VA UPS 16500
AF417A HP R5500 VA ERM BTRYL 4900
365403-B21 HP 1UCbl Mgmt Arm Kit 551
AF437A HP RP12000 / 3 Intl UPS 47500
AF439A HP 36-60KVA 10KG2 Parallel UPS Rack INTL 172000
AF441A HP R12000 / 3 Intl UPS Output Module 2200
AF434A HP R8000 / 3 R12000 / 3 All ERM 5400
436222-B21 HP Insight Software Media Kit 650
487373-B21 HP DL580G5 X7460 2.67 16M 6 core Kit 25750
487375-B21 HP DL580G5 E7450 2.4 12M 6 core Kit 21000
487377-B21 HP DL580G5 E7440 2.4 16M 4 core Kit 28600
487378-B21 HP DL580G5 E7430 2.4 16M 4 core Kit 12600
458947-B21 HP 160GB 7.2k NHP SATA ETY 1y Wty HDD 580
408855-B21 HP 16GB Reg PC2-5300 2x8GB Kit 9600
AF070A HP 10pk Carbt 1U Universal Filler Panel 550
416585-B21 HP BLc NC325m NIC Adapter Option Kit 1838
466440-B21 HP 8GB FBD PC2-5300 2x4GB LP Kit 3800
492136-B21 HP E5504 DL380 G6 KIT 2205
492131-B21 HP E5506 DL380 G6 KIT 2289
507682-B21 HP E5504 DL360 G6 KIT 2205
505886-B21 HP E5506 DL360 G6 KIT 2342
505882-B21 HP E5530 DL360 G6 KIT 5040
462830-B21 HP P411/256 Smart Array Controller 2150
462832-B21 HP P411/512 BBWC Smart Array Controller 2950
492244-B21 HP E5540 DL380 G6 KIT 7560
508107-B21 HP ML/DL370G6 Redundant Fan Kit 450
515826-b21 HP DL180G6 Rear DVD Cage Kit 650
507663-B21 HP E5502 DL360 G6 KIT 2226
505880-B21 HP E5540 DL360 G6 KIT 7392
505878-B21 HP X5550 DL360 G6 KIT 9408
507676-B21 HP X5560 DL360 G6 KIT 11130
507674-B21 HP X5570 DL360 G6 KIT 13440
507678-B21 HP L5506 DL360 G6 KIT 4410
505884-B21 HP L5520 DL360 G6 KIT 5229
500085-B21 HP E5502 DL380 G6 KIT 2184
492234-B21 HP X5550 DL380 G6 KIT 9408
492232-B21 HP X5560 DL380 G6 KIT 11550
500094-B21 HP X5570DL380 G6 KIT 13440
500089-B21 HP L5506 DL380 G6 KIT 4620
500087-B21 HP L5520 DL380 G6 KIT 5376
489892-B21 HP NC514 SFP Dual Port 10GbE Module 1550
468332-B21 HP NC522SFP + Dual Port 10GbE Svr Adptr 3700
500447-B21 HP ML150G6 460W NHP Power Supply FIO Kit 700
508544-B21 HP RPS Enablement Kit 5U G6 1350
468406-B21 HP 24 Bay 3Gb SAS Expander Card 2350
496012-B21 HP Mini SAS to Mini SAS 8in Cable Assy 180
496013-B21 HP Mini SAS to Mini SAS 28in Cable Assy 300
496014-B21 HP Mini SAS to Mini SAS 33in Cable Assy 300
496015-B21 HP Mini SAS to 8484 18in, 24in Cable Assy 310
496016-B21 HP Mini SAS to 8484 32in, 35in Cable Assy 400
487734-B21 HP NHP Int SAS / SATA 4 port Cbl Kit 200
516011-B21 HP 2U G6 25 SFF CAGE FIO Kit 3200
497145-B21 HP DL180G6 2 PCI-E x8 Kit 300
488230-B21 HP DL180G6 PCI-X Full Riser Kit 420
488234-B21 HP DL180G6 Rear 2LFF Kit 650
516006-B21 HP Dedicated MGT PORT KIT 280
514206-B21 HP DL320G6 iLO2 Port Kit 330
516009-B21 HP DL180G6 REDUNDANT FAN KIT 950
488069-B21 HP TPM MODULE KIT 264
507810-B21 HP ML/DL370G6 6 LFF Bkpln Kit 850
487936-B21 HP ML350 / ML/DL370G6 2 LFF Kit 600
507803-B21 HP ML350/370G6 8 SFF 2nd DRV Cage Kit 850
516434-B21 HP ML/DL370G6 2 Slot PCI-X Riser Kit 956
537721-B21 HP 350/370G6 Graphic Card Cable Kit 240
518824-B21 HP DL360G6 PCI-X RISER KIT 800
515031-B21 HP T / R Conv ML370G6 Kit 1350
488413-B21 HP ML350G6 2Slot PCI-X Riser Kit 1050
516966-B21 HP DL360G6 SFF HD Bkpln Kit 1200
500579-B21 HP DL380G6 3 Slot PCI-E Riser Kit 730
494326-B21 HP DL380G6 Dual Port 10GbE Riser Kit 550
516937-B21 HP 10 GbE PCI-e G2 Dual Port NIC 5150
504351-B21 HP 8GB REG PC2-6400 2x4GB LP Kit 2730
507721-B21 HP ML150 G6 E5504 KIT 2520
495918-B21 HP E5504 ML350 G6 Kit 2258
495944-B21 HP E5504 ML/DL370 G6 Kit 2258
348114-B21 HP 580/570G3/G4/585G2 RPS Kit 2132
417705-B21 HP T / R CONV TRAY UNIVERSAL Kit ALL 2058
570117-B21 HP 2427 DL385G6 Kit 3360
572142-B21 HP 2427 DL165 G6/DL165se G6 Kit 3360
500051-B21 HP 2374HE DL165G5/G5p Kit 1400
500056-B21 HP 2376 DL165G5/G5p Kit 1420
500064-B21 HP 2384 DL165G5/G5p Kit 3465
500049-B21 HP 2389 DL165G5/G5p Kit 4725
500058-B21 HP 2381HE DL165G5/G5p Kit 3098
500062-B21 HP 2393SE DL165G5/G5p Kit 6090
507340-B21 HP 2374HE DL185G5 Kit 1407
504775-B21 HP 2376 DL185G5 Kit 1418
500813-B21 HP 2380 DL185G5 Kit 2384
506841-B21 HP 2384 DL185G5 Kit 3465
500809-B21 HP 2379HE DL185G5 Kit 2205
504777-B21 HP 2389 DL185G5 Kit 4725
516257-B21 HP 2372HE DL385G5p Kit 1365
516259-B21 HP 2376HE DL385G5p Kit 2258
535682-B21 HP 2381HE DL385G5p Kit 3413
500537-B21 HP 2378 DL385G5p Kit 1520
500104-B21 HP 2382 DL385G5p Kit 2415
500535-B21 HP 2384 DL385G5p Kit 3675
533918-B21 HP 2387 DL385G5p Kit 3875
533916-B21 HP 2389 DL385G5p Kit 4830
502473-B21 HP O8378 DL585G5 Kit 14500
502474-B21 HP O8380 DL585G5 Kit 18375
502475-B21 HP O8382 DL585G5 Kit 20475
502476-B21 HP O8384 DL585G5 Kit 24675
513602-B21 HP O8386SE DL585G5 Kit 68250
513603-B21 HP 8376HE DL585G5 Kit 20475
534506-B21 HP 8389 DL585G5 Kit 34188
534507-B21 HP O8387 DL585G5 Kit 30660
534508-B21 HP O8381HE DL585G5 Kit 24371
534505-B21 HP O8393SE DL585G5 Kit 41916
539848-B21 HP O8431 DL585G6 Kit 34188
507848-B21 HP E5530 ML150 G6 Kit 5891
507849-B21 HP E5540 ML150 G6 Kit 8075
495912-B21 HP E5530 ML350 G6 Kit 5576
495910-B21 HP E5540 ML350 G6 Kit 7728
495908-B21 HP X5550 ML350 G6 Kit 9870
495906-B21 HP X5560 ML350 G6 Kit 12023
495904-B21 HP X5570 ML350 G6 Kit 14200
495946-B21 HP E5502 ML/DL370 G6 Kit 2100
495938-B21 HP E5530 ML/DL370 G6 Kit 5492
495936-B21 HP E5540 ML/DL370 G6 Kit 7644
495934-B21 HP X5550 ML/DL370 G6 Kit 9786
495932-B21 HP X5560 ML/DL370 G6 Kit 11939
495930-B21 HP X5570 ML/DL370 G6 Kit 14091
505511-B21 HP L5520 ML/DL370 G6 Kit 5492
573895-B21 HP E5530 DL160 G6 Kit 5597
573893-B21 HP X5560 DL160 G6 Kit 12117
572219-B21 HP 2431 DL165 G6 Kit 5009
572221-B21 HP 2435 DL165 G6 Kit 6993
572138-B21 HP 2423HE DL165 G6 Kit 3339
572140-B21 HP 2425HE DL165 G6 Kit 3801
570113-B21 HP 2435 DL385G6 Kit 7014
512711-B21 HP ML330 G6 E5502 KIT 3780
512714-B21 HP ML330 G6 E5520 KIT 5600
512715-B21 HP ML330 G6 E5530 KIT 7350
512716-B21 HP ML330 G6 E5540 KIT 9555
AF451A HP T1500 G3 INTL UPS 2200
447328-B21 HP HH SATA DVDRW Optical Kit 600
445209-B21 RHEL5 Standard Edition supports to the CPU 1 1 2 5 * 9 telephone service (no media) 3500
460357-B21 HP 250GB 5.4k NHP 2.5 SATA ETY 1yWty HDD 1470
AF613A HP 1x4 KVM Console 6ft USB Cable 350
461203-B21 HP 64GB 2.5 SATA SSD 6930
435129-B21 HP SA E500/256 External Controller 1850
452679-B21 HP Accelerated iSCSI Nm 1-Port Lic 650
263474-B21 KVM UTP CAT5e Cable 3FT 4PK ALL 150
500580-B21 HP DL385G5p X8/2X4 PCI-E Riser Kit 800
497143-B21 HP DL180G6 PCI-E x16 Kit 353
537807-B21 HP 146GB 10K NHP 6G 2.5 SAS DP HDD 1701
537809-B21 HP 300GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in NHP DP ENT HDD 2850
AF612A HP 1x4 KVM Console 6ft PS2 Cable 236
574953-B21 HP 500GB 7.2k 2.5 MDL SATA QR HDD 1900
518824-B21 HP DL360G6 PCI-X RISER KIT 800
461201-B21 HP 32GB 2.5 SATA SSD 3600
461203-B21 HP 64GB 2.5 SATA SSD 6930
498385-B21 HP 1M 4X DDR / QDR QSFP IB Cu Cable 698
447047-B21 HP BLc 1/10Gb-F VC-Enet Module 18900
459357-B21 HP 120GB 5.4k NHP 2.5 ETY SATA 1y Wty HD 1000
537805-B21 HP 72GB 15K NHP 6G 2.5 SAS DP HDD 1785
AF012A HP Universal Rack 10636 G2 Shock Rack 14000
433257-B21 CMU License and Media (1 per cluster) 920
436284-B21 CMU Compute Node License (1 per compute node) 650
417705-B21 HP T / R CONV TRAY UNIVERSAL Kit ALL 2058
495605-B21 HP 64GB REG PC2-5300 8x8GB Kit 36750
AF621A HP 2x1Ex16 KVM IP CNSL G2 VM CAC SW 17850
484041-AA1 MS Downgrade W2003 R2 Srv Std Ed Chs SW 80
484041-B21 MS Downgrade W2003 R2 Srv Std Ed Eng SW 80
484042-AA1 MS Downgrade W2003 R2 Srv ENT Ed Chs SW 80
484042-B21 MS Downgrade W2003 R2 Srv ENT Ed Eng SW 80
451871-B21 HP BLc QLogic QMH2562 8Gb FC HBA Opt 2940
453154-B21 HP BLc VC 1Gb ??RJ-45 SFP Opt Kit 600
AF449A HP T1000 G3 INTL UPS 1750
AF430A HP R12KVA 6U UPS 45200
AF432A HP R8KVA 6U UPS 44000
516824-B21 HP 300GB 6G SAS 15K 3.5in NHP DP ENT HDD 2650
516826-B21 HP 450GB 6G SAS 15K 3.5in NHP DP ENT HDD 3650
516830-B21 HP 600GB 6G SAS 15K 3.5in NHP DP ENT HDD 5200
500448-B21 HP 5U G6 LFF NHP Cage FIO Kit 220
436284-B21 HP CMU Compute Node Flex License 650
433257-B21 HP Cluster Mgt Utility Lic and Media 920
AF618A HP 0x2x16 KVM SVR CNSL G2 VM CAC SW 9050
AF619A HP 0x2x32 KVM SVR CNSL G2 VM CAC SW 15100
AF620A HP 1x1Ex8 KVM IP CNSL G2 VM CAC SW 12000
AF621A HP 2x1Ex16 KVM IP CNSL G2 VM CAC SW 17850
AF622A HP 4x1Ex32 KVM IP CNSL G2 VM CAC SW 27000
AF046A HP V142 600mm Pallet Rack 3650
AF047A HP V142 Rack Sidepanel Kit 1600
AF040A HP V142 Rack Grounding Kit 450
AF048A HP V142 Rack Baying Kit 700
AF049A HP V142 Rack Stabilizer Kit 950
589256-AB1 MS WS08 R2 Standard Edition Chinese Traditional (64bit, can be sold separately) 5061
516230-B21 HP DL320G6 PCI-X Riser Kit 450
571232-B21 HP 250GB 3G SATA 7.2K 3.5 "NHP ETY SATA 750
507772-B21 HP 1TB 7.2k NHP MDL SATA 1yWty HDD 1680
507774-B21 HP 2TB 7.2k NHP MDL SATA 1yWty HDD 3465
572073-B21 HP 120GB 3G 2.5 SATA ETY SSD 11500
578229-B21 HP P411 w/512MB FBWC Ctrlr 2709
578230-B21 HP P410 w/512MB FBWC Ctrlr 2709
572071-B21 HP 60GB 3G 2.5 SATA ETY SSD 6800
581201-B21 HP NC550SFT Dual Port 10 GbE Server Adptr 3350
AF011A HP Universal Rack 10636 G2 Pallet ALL 9800
AF056A HP 10636 G2 Sidepanel ALL 2450
448397-B21 HP IB 4X DDR Conn-X PCI-e Dual Port HCA 6735
448397-B21 HP IB 4X DDR Conn-X PCI-e Dual Port HCA 6735
491513-B21 HP PCI-X Full Riser DL160se G6 Kit 500
453246-B21 HP BLc NC382m NIC Adapter Opt Kit 1103
467799-B21 HP BLc NC532m NIC Adapter Opt Kit 3024
500666-B21 HP 16GB 4Rx4 PC3-8500R-7 Kit 13000
519571-B21 Voltaire IB 4X QDR 36P Managed Switch 87961
601115-B21 HP DL165G7 6134 Kit 4200
601116-B21 HP DL165G7 6164HE Kit 5733
601113-B21 HP DL165G7 6172 Kit 7424
601118-B21 HP DL165G7 6174 Kit 8652
585320-B21 HP 6174 DL385G7 Kit 8463
585332-B21 HP 6128HE DL385G7 Kit 3990
585322-B21 HP 6176SE DL385G7 Kit 10007
585328-B21 HP 6134 DL385G7 Kit 3990
591475-B21 HP CA ASSY 38 4SATA ??TO MINI-SAS Kit 280
583109-B21 HP DL585G7 6172 2P Kit 15015
601351-B21 HP DL585G7 6176SE 2P Kit 20790
601353-B21 HP DL585G7 6174 2P Kit 17535
601355-B21 HP DL585G7 6136 2P Kit 11500
601357-B21 HP DL585G7 6164HE 2P Kit 11445
589257-AB1 MS WS08 R2 Ent Ed 10CAL ROK CHT SW 15031
608447-B21 HP 2GB USB Flash Media Drive Key Kit 800
593722-B21 HP NC365T 4-port Ethernet Server Adapter 3100
AF917A HP PWR Monitoring PDU, 3PH, 32A, INTL 7150
461384-B21 HP BLc3000 10K Rack Brkt Option 260
538696-B21 HP NC375T PCIe 4Pt Gigabit Server Adptr 3050
577668-B21 HP 3PCI-E x8 FH Riser DL180G6 Kit 420
572531-B21 HP P411 w/1G Flash Back Cache Ctrlr 3600
572532-B21 HP P410 w/1G Flash Back Cache Ctrlr 3600
452679-B21 HP Accelerated iSCSI Nm 1-Port Lic 650
409376-B21 HP IB 4X DDR PCI-e Dual Port HCA 9188
AF090A HP 10K Rack Airflow Optimization Kit 420
590617-B21 HP X5660 DL180 G6 Kit 13000
592520-B21 HP IB 4X QDR CX-2 PCI-e G2 Dual Port HCA 8400
TC279A RHEL Adv Platform + ICE-LX 9x5 1yr Nm SW 7850
599109-B21 HP s6500 4U Rail Kit 500
601948-B21 HP s6500 Half Width Service Tray Kit 780
592520-B21 HP IB 4X QDR CX-2 PCI-e G2 Dual Port HCA 8400
AZ884A HP TFT7600 KVM Console Intl Kit 5250
487204-B21 HP P812/1G Flash Backed Cache Controller 5300
495604-B21 HP 64GB FBD PC2-5300 8x8GB Kit 48300
495605-B21 HP 64GB REG PC2-5300 8x8GB Kit 36750
AH267A HP DL785G5 Hot Plug hard drive cage (eight drive slots) 1200
411508-B21 HP SMART ARRAY E200/128 CONTROLLER 1850
487380-B21 HP DL580G5 E7420 2.13 8M 4 core Kit 10500
492239-B21 HP E5520 DL380 G6 KIT 3675
492237-B21 HP E5530 DL380 G6 KIT 5040
508342-B21 HP E5520 DL180 G6 KIT 3980
508343-B21 HP E5540 DL180 G6 KIT 7697