Lexmark T640 Preventive maintenance Roller Kit

Lexmark T640 Preventive maintenance Roller Kit
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  • US $30/piece
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  • Lexmark T640
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    1 - 10US $30 /piece3 day
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Detail Information

    1 X Charge Roller (40X0127)

    1 X Transfer Roller (40X0130)

    3 X Pickup Roller (40X0070)



    Lexmark T640

    Lexmark T642

    Lexmark T644


    Rollers tend to wear out at the same rate,often before the fuser needs replacing, i.e.

    - Pick-up rollers wear out will giverepeated paper jams

    - Worn separation rollers cause more thanone sheet to feed at once

    - Transfer rollers wear, resulting ininconsistent print quality (uneven printing density, print irregularities,white or black lines, streaked lines, toner specks)

    * Note: A roller kit cannot solve everypaper feed problem. Other parts and assemblies may sometimes be required tocorrect less-common faults.

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