How to add printer toner?

February 15,2014
Utilization dismantling method

When filled , the best method to use togive up drilling disassembly method. That is , when filled , the drum interiorTo disassemble, clean and re- filling the toner , not only in the storagebunker borehole filled directly from the hole.

Drilling filling is simple, but the processof uncleaned waste toner filling , finished with just after filling up mayfairly normal after a period of time , due to the increase in waste toner ,waste toner will spill from the waste bunker , leading to Print draft "bottom ash " serious . Moreover, the waste toner spill , hard waste tonerparticles may scratch the surface of the drum .

Some users in the waste bunker opened ahole to pour Feifen when filling , I think this operation is not appropriate .When inverted Feifen , Feifen easily spread all over the place , and so it isdifficult to clean and pour the toner , waste toner in the waste bunker is easyto overflow , plus magnetic stick , cleaning rod , scraper , etc. No cleaning,can not achieve the best print results .


Protection of small parts


When removable cartridges, must be careful.The first is when removing small internal parts (such as springs, electrolyticfilms such as widgets) to be careful , they should keep it after the demolition. These components are small, but once lost or deformed , it will affect thenormal working cartridge . Secondly, we need to protect the drum core ,preferably with a soft cloth napkin or Guxin wrapped up, and then placed into asafe place. Otherwise, once Guxin dropped or subjected to virtually scratch thesurface , then the streaks ranging from print version will appear when printed, heavy drum core scrapped.

Toner reasonable election

The choice of toner is also a priority ,because the compatible toner more complex, even the same brand, the quality ofeach batch of toner may also be a huge difference. Therefore, in the purchaseof toner , it should be noted , first of toner must be suitable for fillingmodels, otherwise they will be a different structure toner , resultingcartridge does not work . Secondly , some better fluidity of toner , no cakingproblems internally , if the toner particle agglomeration or larger , it willnot only affect print quality , easy to waste bunker full, but also easy toscratch cartridge.

Fill to the proper

When filled with toner , but also note thatthe amount can not exceed the storage bunker filling 3/4 , or in the rotationwhen the cartridges , toner will be brought out , then contamination printercartridges likely to cause internal structural damage . Therefore, when filled, the best inside the printer ( toner buildup , especially places with serious) clean again . Otherwise, since the toner is conductive , it may happenprinter is not working even burned .