What is a maintenance kit?

December 17,2012

in printers, nothing lasts forever. Movin http:// g parts need replacing with use and time. Maintenance kits, sometimes called PM kits or preventative maintenance kits, usually consist of:a fuser, which is the heating assembly that bonds toner to the fibers of the papera transfer roller, which helps transfer toner from the toner cartridge onto the papervarious feed rollers, pickup rollers, separation rollers and separation padsWhen purchasing a maintenance kit, remember that like toner cartridges, there is a wide variety of quality in the marketplace. Many companies sell maintenance kits with untested, poor quality parts. At PrinterTechs we have technicians on staff to test parts to ensure high quality, and provide technical support if you have installation questions. If you have any questions call or email us,.Black and White HP Laserjet maintenance kitsColor HP Laserjet maintenance kitsLexmark maintenance kits.Please look for Printerparts-hp.com,our professional HP Fuser Kits. Provide original Fuser Parts, professional technical engineers best product quality.

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