July 26,2012
ADF Assembly   
CF116-67910  ADF whole unit assembly       
   5851-0630  ADF cable asset chimney cover       
   CC355-40013  ADF roller bogie cover       
   Q7404-40006  ADF hatch cover       
   Q7404-40007  ADF rear cover - Plastic part that protects the rear side of the ADF       
   Q7404-40030  ADF front cover - Plastic cover that holds the paper after it has been scanned       
   Q7404-60024  ADF hinge assembly       
   5851-4998  ADF mylar kit - Only two guides are required for the product - Contains six mylar guides - A4 size       
Reflector Assembly   
   5851-4878  Foam reflector assembly - White foam sheet that mount on the ADF       
Roller Kit   
   L2725-60002  ADF roller replacement kit       
   Q7404-40020  ADF tray extender paper stopper       
Cable (Interface)   
   8120-8913  Telephone cable - 3.0m (9.8ft) long (Black) - RJ-11 plug on one end (Israel)       
   8121-0811  Telephone cable (2-wire) - RJ11 (M) connectors - 3m (10ft) long (USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Greece, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and Spain)       
   8121-0844  Telephone cable with bill tone filter - 3.0m (9.8ft) long (Black) - RJ-11 plug on one end (Switzerland)       
   CE255-67901  Black print cartridge - Standard-capacity cartridge       
   CE255-67902  Black print cartridge - High capacity cartridge       
   Q7432-67901  Staple cartridge pack - Two cartridges at 1,500 staples each       
   CF116-67907  250GB encrypted high performance drive - For the M525f model       
   CF116-67915  320GB encrypted high performance hard drive (Government option)       
Fax Module   
   CF116-67904  Fax Kit - Includes fax card and fax cradle       
Maintenance Kit   
   CF116-67903  Service maintenance kit - For 110VAC and 220VAC - Includes fusing assembly, transfer roller, tray 1 separation pad, tray 2 roller and tray 2 separation pad       
   CF116-67919  Printer stand - Lets users optimally position the printer so it is highly accessible while adding storage for extra paper and supplies       
External Card Cage Parts 
   RC2-7673-000CN  Rear right cover - Plastic rectangular shape cover that protects the rear right part of the printer       
External Case Parts 
   5042-8976  Control panel Hardware Integration Packet (HIP) cover       
   5042-8977  Control panel USB cover       
   CF116-40002  Rear scanner cover       
   CF116-67917  Multi-purpose/tray 1 cover assembly       
   RC3-1863-000CN  Formatter cover - Plastic cover that protects and provides access to the formatter PC board       
   RM1-8498-000CN  Right cover assembly - Plastic cover that protects the right side of the printer       
   RM1-8516-000CN  Top cover assembly - Plastic cover that holds paper after it has been printed       
   RM1-8517-000CN  Left cover assembly - Plastic cover that protects the left side of the printer       
   RM1-8518-000CN  Rear access door cover assembly - Plastic cover that protects the rear side of the printer - Provides access if a paper jams       
   RM1-8520-000CN  Staple cover assembly       
   RM1-8502-000CN  Cartridge door assembly - Provides access to the cartridges       
   RC2-7675-000CN  Right handle - Used to hold printer when transporting       
Internal Parts 
   CF116-60105  Control panel cable       
    RK2-1499-000CN  Cooling fan (FM2) - Located on the left side of the printer - Small fan that cools the fuser assembly and print cartridge area       
   RK2-2416-000CN  Low voltage power supply fan (FM1)       
   RM1-6263-000CN  Lower paper feed guide assembly - Includes position guide assembly - Use for duplex models only       
   RM1-6270-000CN  Paper feed guide assembly       
   RM1-6273-000CN  Position guide assembly - Use for duplex models only       
   RM1-6315-000CN  Transfer lower guide assembly       
   RM1-6303-000CN  Separation pad holder assembly - For the 500-sheet paper input tray 2       
   RM1-8521-000CN  Tag holder assembly       
   RM1-8523-000CN  Fuser motor (M8002) assembly       
   RM1-6306-000CN  Base plate - For the roller assembly       
   RM1-6325-000CN  Multi-purpose/tray 1 lifting plate assembly       
   WG8-5935-000CN  Fuser output sensor (SR5)       
    RK2-1490-000CN  Solenoid (SL1) - For tray 1 - Mounts on the main drive assembly       
   RK2-1492-000CN  Solenoid (SL2) - For tray 2 - Mounts on the main drive assembly       
   RC2-7928-000CN  Bushing arm stopper       
   RM1-8499-000CN  Cartridge door switch (SW501) assembly       
   RM1-8515-000CN  Switch assembly       
Logic/Control Electronics 
PC Board   
   CF116-67923  Scanner memory PCA assembly
Part CF116-67923 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CF116-60001
   RM1-8519-000CN  High voltage power supply PC board assembly       
   RM1-8615-000CN  DC controller PC board       
   RM1-8617-000CN  Top sensor (PS215) PC board assembly       
   RM1-8618-000CN  Paper width sensor (PS225) PC board assembly       
   RM1-8620-000CN  Tray detection sensor (SW235) PC board assembly       
   RM1-8621-000CN  Multi-purpose/tray 1 sensor (PS205) PC board assembly       
   RM1-8622-000CN  Environmental sensor PC board assembly       
Power Supply   
   RM1-8514-000CN  Low voltage power supply assembly       
Paper Path Parts 
Fusing Assembly   
   RM1-8508-000CN  Fusing assembly (universal)       
   RC2-8575-000CN  Multi-purpose/tray 1 separation pad - Does not include holder       
Pickup Assembly   
   RM1-8505-000CN  Paper pick-up assembly - For tray 2       
   RL1-2412-000CN  Multi-purpose/tray 1 pick-up roller       
   RM1-8506-000CN  Idler roller assembly       
   RM1-8507-000CN  Registration roller assembly       
Roller Assembly   
   RM1-6301-000CN  Paper delivery roller assembly       
   RM1-6311-000CN  Face down top output bin delivery roller assembly - Includes all rollers and shaft in assembly       
   RM1-6313-000CN  Pick-up roller assembly - Use for the 500-sheet paper input tray 2, 3, and 4 cassette       
Transfer Assembly   
   RM1-6321-000CN  Transfer roller assembly - Long black spongy roller that transfers static charge to paper       
Paper Trays 
   RM1-8512-000CN  500-sheet paper tray 2 cassette       
Tray Assembly   
   CE530-69001  500-sheet feeder tray assembly - For use as tray 3 or tray 4 - Includes tray cassette       
   RM1-6279-000CN  500-sheet paper input tray 2 cassette assembly - Cassette only       
Power Cords 
Power Cord    
    8121-0564  Power cord (Black) - 2.0m (6.6ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 240V in India)       
   8121-0729  Power cord (Black) - 18 AWG, three conductor, 1.9m (75in) long - Has straight (F) C13 receptacle (For 220V in Argentina)       
    8121-0731  Power cord (Black) - 18 AWG, three conductor, 1.9m (75in) long - Has straight (F) C13 receptacle (For 220V in Europe)  

Scanner Assembly Parts 
RM1-6322-000CN  Laser/scanner assembly - Mounts on top of the print structure frame       
CF116-67918  Image scanner whole unit assembly