Original HP Designjet plotter parts

November 8,2011

Detailed Product Description

 Carriage assembly , ink supply  tube assembly , service station ,encoder strip  ,PM kit and motor .

Brand new and original :

1 C4723-69096 Carriage assembly - Includes carriage assembly, line sensor, encoder, rear bushing, calibration pen, digitizing sight, guages - Trailing cable and cable clamp not included  HP DJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP/ 3000CP/3500CP/3800CP
2 C4723-69114 Electronics module - Includes power supply, fan, and main board  HP DJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP/ 3000CP/3500CP/3800CP
3 Q1253-60043 Heater assembly - Helps to rapidly dry ink after media leaves the platen assembly (For the 60in wide version plotter)  HP DJ5500-60/5100
4 Q1273-60041 Center platen assembly  HP DJ4000/4000PS
5 Q1273-60107 REAR DOOR SERV  HP DJ4500PS
6 Q5669-60661 CLEANOUT 24 ASSY SV  HP DJZ2100/Z3100/PS
7 Q5669-60671 Ink supply tubes assembly - For the 24-inch Designjet Z3100 photo printer series  HP DJZ3100/Z3100PS-24
8 Q6651-60280 Complete pinchwheel assembly - Includes the media sensor - For 42-inch plotters  HP DJZ6100/PS-42
9 Q6651-60281 Print platen (center platen) assembly - For 42-inch plotters  HP DJZ6100/PS-42
10 Q6652-60124 Rear door assembly - For the 60-inch Designjet Z6100 printer series 

 HP DJZ6100/PS-60
11 Q6659-60168 Top cover assembly - For 44-inch Designjet Z2100/Z3100 photo printer series  HP DJZ2100/Z3100/PS/Z3200/PS
12 Q6659-60170 Rear tray assembly - For 44-inch plotters  HP DJZ2100/Z3100/PS
13 Q6659-60172 Front panel window cover - For 44-inch plotters  HP DJZ2100/Z3100/PS/Z3200/PS
14 Q6683-60197  T1100/610 CLEAN OUTT 24 SV  HP DJ T610/T1100-24
15 Q6687-60058 Rear tray assembly - Includes the extension tray - For 44-inch plotters  HP DJT610/T1100/T1100PS/Z3200/PS-44
16 Q6687-60062 Top cover assembly - For the 44-inch Designjet T1100/610 printer series  HP DJT610/T1100/T1100PS-44
17 Q6687-67001 44-inch take-up reel spindle assembly  HP DJT610/T1100/T1100PS-44
18 Q6706-60907 Take-up reel spindle assembly - Does not include the take-up reel spindle hubs - For 42-inch plotters
 HP DJZ6100/PS-42
19 Q6712-60001 Front panel window cover - For 44-inch plotters  HP DJT610-44