Hp Designjet Spares error code

October 14,2011
hp disignjet100/120/130/500/800 series plotter error code 0X: YY 1X: YY 2X: YY 3X: YY 4X: YY 5X: YY which usually point to the device causing the problem. By recovery instructions. 6X: YY firmware file handling and input / output modules have a problem. If the communication is configured correctly, these errors usually indicates that the software or firmware problem. Usually require a firmware fix. 7X: YY often firmware problem. Usually require a firmware fix. 8X: YY 9X: YY the complex mechanical system problems. Cause of the problem is not clear, it is necessary to solve these errors. XX: 1Y by HP customer support or assistance in the implementation of HP's customer support operations. XX: 0Y user should perform the operation. XX: Y0 replacement parts. XX: Y1 perform manual operation (to be explained in the service manual). XX: Y2 automatic operation (to be explained in the service manual). XX: Y3 off the printer. XX: Y4 upgrade the firmware (if the new firmware is available). XX: Y5 upgrade system software (if the new version is available). 0X: YY AND 1X: YY error error message error code 01:10 electronic components electronic module error. Replacement of the electronics module. Electronic modules are usually wrong. Replacement of the electronics module. 01:12 automatic electronic module error fault removal process (firmware upgrades, electronic testing, electronic configuration). (Error) is detected during the firmware upgrade memory problems, encounter strange electronic module error. Sometimes failed firmware upgrade can solve the problem, but it may need to replace the electronic module. (Warning) electronic sign display module EEPROM is empty, the contents of the EEPROM must be used to upgrade the carriage, but also a sign of the carriage is empty. Not perform the backup. This is an error during processing or repair results. Must reconfigure the electronics module.
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