Konica Minolta copier maintenance code

June 15,2011

Konica1515/115z/220z/1512/1613 maintenance code query, Konica1515/115z/220z/1512/1613 code may be

▲ 47 way (into the steps: In the main switch is not open, hold down the number keys 4 and 7, open the main switch.)
1. Developing bias adjustment.
(1) to adjust meter: 1000VDC (Remember, in order to avoid burn out meter)
(2) multimeter COM (black table pen) then the main control board of the CN12-1, + table pen (red table pen) Ground (GROND).
(3) into the 47 way
(4) Enter the number keys 1 and 2.
(5) Press the Copy button.
(6) and adjust the control board VR1, the output is-180V.
(7) Press the stop / remove button.
(8) Close the main switch, to release the 47 way.
2. Check the toner concentration of developer control.
(1) into the 47 way.
(2) Enter the number keys 5 and 0.
(3) Press the Copy button. Copy the counter flashing 90 seconds, the data will appear in the copy counter. Then by the formula found from the following data in the percentage of the actual amount of toner. Formula: dye concentration data = 25 - [Copy counter data]
+13 = 6%; +6 = 5%; 0 = 4%; -6 = 3%; -13 = 2%
(4) Press the stop / remove button.
(5) shut off the main way to remove the 47.
3. Toner concentration was adjusted (usually performed when contrast medium replacement).
(1) Replace the new reagent.
(2) into the 47 way.
(3) Enter the numeric keys 5 and 1.
(4) Press the Copy button, M1 (main motor) turning about 3 minutes.
(5) Close the main switch, to release the 47 way.
4. Optical band adjustment.
(1) lighting distribution board all the open, into the 47 way.
(2) Enter the numeric keys 9 and 6.
(3) Press the Copy button (the middle of the exposure light to move glass).
(4) Press the Copy button (exposure light is lit for 3 seconds.)

(5) put a white paper on the glass.

(6) with both ends of the width of the light must be equal; optical band gap must be in the light of the above; adjust the exposure around the lamp bracket mount point, some as narrow as possible in order to shine.

(7) Close the main switch, to remove the 47 way. Please follow the following criteria: ① adjust lights to light the vacuum point of contact plate (manufacturing process when the point of light exposure) and the light distribution plate distance 3.4 ± 0.3mm

② point must point to the vacuum lamp light distribution board.

③ When the mobile contact plate lights can not be raised.

④ cut off the power when in operation, in order to avoid electric shock.

5.AE adjustment (Auto exposure light intensity)

(1) into the 47 way.

(2) to check the card on the AE exposure glass.

(3) Enter the numeric keys 9 and 8.

<SPAN title="" closure_uid_qkfeo0="175" gd="(4)按复印键(" hd="(4) Press the Copy button (" 98?开始闪亮、扫描架运作,长亮时调整完成。? complete.  ? to light of length the adjust frame, scanning operation flash, starts 98?>(4) Press the Copy button ("98" starts to flash, the operation of scanning frame, adjust the length of light to complete.

(5) Close the main switch, to release the 47 way.