hp printer repair information

June 8,2011
hp printer repair Sourcebook: Hewlett-Packard printer control panel in the following table explains the printer control panel may display the information. Printer messages and their meanings are listed in alphabetical order, then the number information. If the message persists: If the requested information to the trays are loaded persistent, or that a print job is still on the printer memory, press the [executive] key to print or press [Cancel Job] to clear the memory from the printer operation. If the information in the implementation of all recommended persists even after the operation, contact an authorized hp printer repair service or support provider.

Note: This user guide does not describe all of the information (much of the information is clear, no explanation). Some printer information by the printer control panel "Configuration" menu, auto cont inue [automatically continue] and clearable warnings [to clear warning] affected by the setting. Printer information to explain or recommended action.

access denied menus locked to access the printer control panel function is locked to prevent unauthorized access. Ask your network administrator.

bad duplexer connection duplexer is not properly connected. Reinstall the duplexer.

bad opt tray connection optional paper tray is not properly connected. Re-install the optional paper tray.

cannot duplex rear bin open the printer output bin, open a back that can not be double-sided printing. Close the back output bin.

check input device and the paper path open please close it alternately into the optional paper tray by the door or the tailgate open and can not feed. Check all doors and paper bezel.

chosen language not available print job requested does not exist in the printer the printer language. The job does not print, and removal from memory. By using a different printer language for the design of the driver, or to increase the required printer language (if any) to complete the job of printing. Press the [executive] key to continue.

disk device failure eio serious disk failure, can not be used. Remove eio disk, for a new one. disk file operation failed can not perform the requested operation. Has performed an illegal operation may try, for example, to download the file to the directory does not exist.

disk file system is full from the eio delete some files on the disk and try again, or add a quick wipe disk dimm. From hp jetadmin download or delete files, and use hp fontsmart download or delete fonts.
disk is write protected eio disk has a write-protected and can not write up a new file. By disabling write protection from the hp jetadmin.

flash device failure quickly wipe the disk dimm serious failure, can not be reused. Quickly wipe out the disk dimm, for a new one.

flash file operation failed can not perform the requested operation. May try an illegal operation, for example, to download the file to the directory does not exist.

flash file system is full and quick erase the disk dimm delete files or add a dimm. From hp jetadmin download or delete files, and download from the hp fontsmart or remove fonts. (For more information, see software help.)

flash is write protected disk dimm quick wipe with a write-protected and can not write new file. Disable the write protection through hp jetadmin.

input device condition xx.yy before printing can be resumed in the input paper handling device has a need to pay attention to the situation. See the paper handling equipment, along with the documentation that came for help.

install front duplex cover the front cover of the duplexer is not installed, or inserted incorrectly, the printer can not print the current job. Reload the front cover of the duplexer.

install tray x due to a specific printer tray (x) open or insert incorrect and can not print the current job. Reload the paper tray.

loading program and do not power off procedures and alternate fonts can be stored with the printer's file system. At startup, they are loaded into ram. (Based on the size and number of loading, the loading process may take a long time.) Specified information that the serial number of the current loader.