50.9 Fuser Error on the hp Color LaserJet 3000, 3600, 3800, CP3505 series printers

Update Time:2011/8/18
Fuser error codes for the Hp Color LaserJet 3000, 3600, 3800, 2700, CP3505 series printers. 50.9 fuser error is one of the most common errors. If you get a 50.x error, you can try turning the power off and on and reseating the fuser but in almost all cases you will need to replace the fuser. 50.1 Low fuser temperature 50.2 Fuser warm-up error * 50.3 High fuser temperature 50.4 Faulty fuser 50.7 Fuser pressure release mechanism failure 50.8 Low fuser temperature (sub-thermistor) 50.9 High fuser temperature (sub-thermistor), or pressure release mechanism problem * If you receive a 50.2 error, especially on the CP3505, and it only occurs when printing envelopes, try updating your firmware. Otherwise you'll need to replace the fuser Printer brands and models are very much in need of help please contact us. Welcome to printer problems and work together to solve problems Sales director:sales@printerparts-hp.com Technical Support:Jacky@printerparts-hp.com